Gizarma team members

Michał „Troll” Rokicki – project creator, main designer and developer, creator of our map generation method and most of our art style, team leader, admin. Founder of the Gizarma team 🙂

Szymon „Liosan” Kurek – gameplay designer, programmer, market analyst, product manager and coorditar, creator of Gizarma-helper. Joined the project in November 2012.

Lidia „Hydro” Miler – lead cartographer, artist, Gizarmopedia editor, forum admin. Joined the project in November 2012.

Marcin „Kryzoo” Przeradzki – feature designer, programmer and software architect. Joined the project in June 2013.

Jakub „Khrone” Jafra – programmer focusing on GUI and usability, forum moderator. Joined the project in May 2014.

Piotr „Jagiel” Jagielski – programmer, joined the project in June 2014.

Bartek „Lethern” Kaliszewski – programmer, working on translating Gizarma. Joined the project in June 2014.

Adam „Siemak” Zapaśnik – programmer, joined the project in August 2014.

Agnieszka Rokicka – artistic consultant, marketing aid. Part of the project team from the very beginning.

Kacper „Jawbone” Żuchowski – artist, worked on the project in 2011 – 2012.


Fonts used in Gizarma have been created by Mike Demiurg . Thank you!

Special thanks go to JMR for providing a server for Gizarma 🙂

Bartek Wojtkiewicz created an Mac OS  X installer for our game – thanks!

And last but not least a great big thank you to all our Testers – you’re a great help!