November progress report – english version

Hi there! Time for the monthly progress report about our project. As you can see, this month’s post is written in English 🙂 We are finally shifting our development efforts to translating Gizarma (and this site) into English. I hope our non-polish fans are excited to hear this 🙂 The polish version will remain available for the conceivable future.

Since we unfortunately skipped last month’s progress report, I’ll cover development during  October and November. Still, the list won’t be very long:

  • Translation. Working on supporting multiple languages is a huge undertaking, with almost all parts of the project needing to be changed. Work started in late August and has been slowly advancing 🙂 We should have a playable English version in January or February.
  • Enlarging the minimap. Polish players  are already testing this feature,  and more improvements are on the way. This should allow much smoother navigation on the world map.
  • Unit grouping improvements. Counting wounded units, using the mouse wheel to browse the dialog, showing the unit group dialog from the cityscreen, select all units, focusing the map on a selected group… and a ton of other fixes 🙂
  • A small surprise involving new types of terrain improvements
  • Some development process improvements (as usual), for instance migration to a much faster test server


See you next month, and be sure to check out our Twitter and Facebook profiles!