Frequently Asked Questions


We are quite often asked some returning questions.
Here, we answer all of them in one bunch to give to players some overview about Gizarma project.

General questions

1. What kind of game is Gizarma?

Gizarma is a slow-paced real-time online strategy game (MMORTS), from a genre sometimes called 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate). Players build a medieval kingdom and bring it to prosperity. A single game can take weeks or months – but the player doesn’t have to be active all the time. Logging in once every 1-2 days is quite enough to play.
The game is still in beta and player versus player combat is not fully ready. Worth to mention: Gizarma is accessible for free.

2. What does mean word “Gizarma”?

It is name (in Polish) of medieval pole weapon: guisarme.

3. Where can I get help about Gizarma?

There are several places where you can learn about Gizarma. First of all – Gizarmopedia (, a wiki site accessible in Polish and English. It can be edited and improved by players. Another good place are Gizarma’s forums ( players share their experiences and strategies. And last but not least is the chat available in the game client window.

4. Isn’t better to play Civilization than Gizarma?

Some elements of Gizarma are inspired from Civilization, Colonization or other strategy games and are similar but not very identical. Gizarma is more multiplayer focused, is not a turn game and has styled, irregularly shaped maps.

Technical questions

5. What are technical requirements to play Gizarma?

You need to install our client app to play. Requirements:

  • PC with one of operating systems: Windows, OSX or Linux
    installed Java JRE 1.6 or newer (Windows installer will ask to install Java)
  • access to internet, of course 🙂
  • download installation package from

The Gizarma client has built-in auto-update mechanism, so new releases and bug fixes appear without need to re-install software.

6. Can I run Gizarma on my smartphone?

The Gizarma team is aware that it would be great to go mobile, but the codebase for Gizarma’s client application is quite large and it requires a lot of time for development. During that time the development of new features would be suspended.

7. Why Gizarma is not web application?

Actually Gizarma had been deployed as applet accessible from web browser, but browsers stopped support of Java applets. Gizarma has been changed into a stand-alone Java application. A hypothetical rewrite of Gizarma to a more web-based technology would be possibly a good direction of further development. But Gizarma’s client application is quite large and … see the previous question.

About the team and history

8. Who is Gizarma’s author?

The man is Michał “Troll” Rokicki who started creating of his own game about year 2009. His work and vision had been appreciated by testers of the early game versions and Michał decided to create a team of developers around Gizarma.

9. Who are the Gizarma team?

Gizarma is being developed as a hobby project by group of people based in Poland (so far), mainly in Warsaw. More details:
More about the projest history you can find od devblog: and older in Polish:

10. What are the plans for the future?

The team currently focuses on promoting the English version of Gizarma and encouraging as many players as possible to try the game. Next step will be to develop lacking features. The list of planned features is long but mostly needed seem to be the combat and the diplomacy.

11. Will be Gizarma always be available for free?

It might be necessary and desired at some point to commercialize the project. However there are no strict plans about it at the current stage. Possible reason of it is that the team of Gizarma consists of developers not businessmen 🙂

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