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Block and Attack

Hello, I hope you have fun playing Gizarma.
What about changing a bit the rules?

We added some new experimental functions to get some new interactions between players.

So far you are able to fortify on towers, block or attack them. From now you can fortify and block any area on the map. The blocked area cannot be accessed by foreign units. You can also attack any area blocked by other kingdoms.

The exceptions from this rule are the cities. It is not possible to attack or block them. But you still can attack and destroy the cities of Barbarians.

Additionally, to help players not to stuck on blocked areas, the visible fortified units are bypassed while a new route is planned.

Enjoy and let us know how do you find new changes!


Gizarma in English – released!

Today’s the day – the newest version of Gizarma is finally available! The major change is that all screens, maps and game texts are now available in English. Numbered 0.83, this release also includes our first steps in player vs player combat – “king of the hill” style. Remember those tower ruins that get you points for rebuilding them? Well, now any player with an army can occupy them – and other places can take it back by force (thanks to Piotr Paulski for the idea!). Apart from those two major changes, the usual assorted UI tweaks and bugfixes. Come and join the fun!

Midsummer progress report

It’s hot in Poland. Getting cooler, but still hot. And we’re back from our temporary development freeze 🙂 It’s about time we gave you folks some info about what we’re doing.

One big news some ouf you might have seen is that Gizarma is fully Windows 10 ready 🙂

There are still a couple of things we would like to finish before publishing our work:

  • Help (gizarmopaedia) should support translations. And be translated 🙂 We plan to do it in wiki format.
  • Add missing in-game info text for a few surprise features that we have added
  • Fix a bug preventing Gizarma from working on Mac OSX.

It’s not much, but it’s blocking us. Our team has been recently… rather hard pressed by real-life issues. But – still, we’re getting there 🙂


February-March progress report

Hi folks! I’m pretty sure you’re wondering what’s going on with the project. Well, we are experiencing a minor setback – sorry for this, some thing in life are just beyond our control 🙁 We try to keep Gizarma constantly updated, but recently we don’t have much to show.

Still – have a look at some sneak-peaks of whats to come when we finally – finally – finish the translation 🙂

startedgames london


I’m not giving any dates, but we’ll sure be sending news when the English version is up 🙂


December-January report

The end of the year is a troubling time for a part-time indie game developer – celebrations and family take up quite a lot of time 🙂 So this month we’ll have a joint progress report for the end of 2014 and start of 2015 – since we don’t have a great amount to show you right now. Slow but steady, eh?

Anyways, onwards to the list:

  • Translations. We have most stuff wrapped up (mostly thanks to Kryzoo). The last hurdle are maps, especially city and kingdom names. They are translated, but server support for them is proving to be a bit of a pain 🙂 Troll is working on server changes needed to support to language versions of maps when he isn’t researching how combat and war could work in Gizarma.
  • Passive building bonuses – some structures (for example temples) will give a small bonus even when no one is working in them. This should help keep small cities more efficient. Most of the work was done by Siemak.
  • Gizarma-helper rankings are finally working 🙂 No more duplicate entries, once again thanks to siemak. Check it out here.
  • GUI improvements, notably pulling units out of cities looks much nicer now thanks to Khrone. Also some further work on unit grouping.
  • Planning, deciding, analyzing, organizing… the usual stuff which we can’t show you but takes up soooo much time 🙂 If we come up to any conclusions, we’ll try to make a blog post about it, but for now… let’s just say we’re busy deciding the future of Gizarma 🙂

Well, that’s about it. See you in a month or so!


November progress report – english version

Hi there! Time for the monthly progress report about our project. As you can see, this month’s post is written in English 🙂 We are finally shifting our development efforts to translating Gizarma (and this site) into English. I hope our non-polish fans are excited to hear this 🙂 The polish version will remain available for the conceivable future.

Since we unfortunately skipped last month’s progress report, I’ll cover development during  October and November. Still, the list won’t be very long:

  • Translation. Working on supporting multiple languages is a huge undertaking, with almost all parts of the project needing to be changed. Work started in late August and has been slowly advancing 🙂 We should have a playable English version in January or February.
  • Enlarging the minimap. Polish players  are already testing this feature,  and more improvements are on the way. This should allow much smoother navigation on the world map.
  • Unit grouping improvements. Counting wounded units, using the mouse wheel to browse the dialog, showing the unit group dialog from the cityscreen, select all units, focusing the map on a selected group… and a ton of other fixes 🙂
  • A small surprise involving new types of terrain improvements
  • Some development process improvements (as usual), for instance migration to a much faster test server


See you next month, and be sure to check out our Twitter and Facebook profiles!